Transition Engineering and Innovation

Transition Engineering is the discipline that deals with the adaptation of engineered systems to achieve a sustainable future, which is defined here as a future in which systems have the capacity for continuity.

Transition Innovation is the change management approach that will help organisations to adapt their products and services to make the business durable into the long term future. It will enable them to adapt those engineered systems on which they depend top ensure they remain consistent with the changing constraints of the Forward Operating Environment. It will enable organisations to adapt products, services and business models and to better apply their expertise and resources to meeting the needs of their customers.

Transition Engineering and Innovation enable a complex system, such as a company, an organisation, a community, an engineering system or even the whole of a society, to move from an unsustainable present to a sustainable future.

Splendid Engineering is at the vanguard of this global engineering discipline and of working with organisations to achieve sustainability. We help businesses in their transition to a better, sustainable, more prosperous future.

Phase 1 – we help you understand SYSTEM DYNAMICS – we conduct a study to understand your organisation, its dependencies and vulnerabilities, and how it changes and can be changed in response to external changes. You probably think you know your own organisation already, but this exercise will really open your eyes. It will help you see what is unsustainable, and is a critical basis for designing change towards better.

Phase 2 – THINKING DIFFERENTLY –  we will lead your team through a thinking-differently programme that will enable them to think away from the usual constraints of “business as usual” and “incremental change”. This process is all about getting your people to be able to use their noodle – it’s hard work, a bit scary, needs lots of support, but is immensely satisfying and you will “see the future”.

Phase 3 – IMPLEMENTATION – we support your team as they transpose the future vision into day to day familiar management tools with which your organisation is comfortable, to ensure that you can realise the transition vision and look forward to a prosperous and resilient future.

Splendid Engineering has the expertise to help organisations to navigate a course through these steps, to work with your team to enable them to direct their expertise towards targeted innovation and  to lay out a clear programme of change towards a future that you would definitely call “Success”.

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