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Towards Better

What is Transition Engineering and Innovation and how will Splendid Engineering take me “Towards Better”?

Transition Engineering is the professional engineering discipline that deals with the application of science to the design, innovation and adaptation of engineered systems that meet the needs of today without compromising the ecological, societal and economic systems on which future generations depend to meet their own needs.

Transition Innovation is the process of change based on Transition Engineering. It’s a robust and effective process that enables organsiations to see more clearly how their organisation has changed, how it continues to change, and how it can adapt to a changing external future operating environment.

Towards better; Splendid Engineering is the first consultancy helping clients achieve long term sustainability with the Transition Engineering and Transition Innovation approach. We help people to think differently, and to adapt products, systems and organsiations to remain viable in a changing future.

2 months ago

Splendid Engineering

"The things we need to do, we don't know how to do"

This is why we engineers exist, to make possible the things that society needs: it's true that without engineers nothing works. Engineers are critical to all the systems on which society depends: food production, buildings, transport, education, healthcare, retail.

Turn then to engineers to do what needs to be done.

What needs to be done now is CHANGE from one trajectory (assumed infinite growth, more, newer, faster, bigger stuff, leading inexorably to climate chaos, pollution, inequality...) to another (a future that is stable, safe, healthy, prosperous, fulfilling...). TRANSITION ENGINEERING is this expertise.

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