Daniel Kenning

Daniel is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Energy Engineer, and Chartered Environmentalist. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, a member of the Energy Institute and an Associate of the Institution of Environmental Management and Assessment.

He gained his engineering experience as a New Product Development engineer at Ford, IAD and Visteon, where he was a recycling and design-for-sustainability specialist.

He has 26 years’ experience of engineering and sustainability in manufacturing, the built environment, renewable energy systems and sustainable transport.

He has extensive experience as an independent consultant on a wide range of projects and clients. Daniel founded Splendid Engineering in 2001.


Global Association for Transition Engineering – GATE


Daniel is co-founder and Chair of the Global Association for Transition Engineering, founded in 2014.

GATE is a global professional membership association which promotes the engineering that is needed to transition to a completely sustainable world.

In this sense “sustainable” means “having the capacity to continue into the long term future”, recognising that this requires that we meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Transition Engineering is the first formal engineering approach that explicitly recognises future generations as a key beneficiary, and specifically sets out to identify the future operating environment and design systems that will work in the future operating environment.

For more information about GATE and Transition Engineering click on www.transitionengineering.org.


Future Climate – Engineering Solutions, FC-ES. 


Since 2011 Daniel has been Chair of the Future Climate – Engineering Solutions project. This is a global alliance of professional engineering associations working to develop and share best practice in the creation of national energy and climate plans. The project aims to ensure that national governments recognise the importance of engineering input to ensure national energy and climate plans are workable now and in the future, and is closely involved in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) process. FC-ES has been represented at the COP (Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC) meetings since 2008.

Currently 23 national engineering associations are involved in the project; they have published national plans, and three phases of framework document in which best practice is shared.

The project has also worked closely with DECC, the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, developing and sharing with the FC-ES network the UK “Pathways to 2050” calculator tool and Global Energy Models.

More information is available on the FC-ES website.

The DECC UK “Pathways to 2050” tool is available online here.

There is also a full Excel version of the Calculator for experts who want to look at the underpinning model. This is especially innovative because teh open source format means that you can challenge any underlying assumptions; for example, the assumption that all future scenarios include either the same or more demand for petroleum powered road transport (clue: tab 1, cells H30-K30).

The DECC Global Calculator Tool is now live and can be used by many countries and ensures that neighbouring nations don’t double-count finite energy resources to which they both have access.


IMechE Energy Environment and Sustainability Group – EESG


From 2007 to 2014 Daniel was Chair of the IMechE Group for IMechE members with an interest in Sustainability and Engineering.

Daniel led the Group, comprising over 20,598 engineers (as of June 2015) and a Board of 18, for two terms. Among the outputs of the group during this time:

  • Distributed Energy Systems report and conference
  • Sustainability for Engineers seminar
  • The Transport Hierarchy policy statement

More information about the group is online here: EESG.


Public Speaking

Daniel has spoken at many conferences, seminars, and in the context of his teaching work, and he is available to speak at your event. He is especially good at
explaining complex challenges and solutions in clear understandable terms,
enabling people to think differently about the world around them and to thus see differently and see solutions that were previously unseen
Motivating people to take action to make the world better.

I would have no hesitation in recommending companies (of any size), organisations, associations and clubs to engage this amiable and animated speaker to tailor a presentation to their audience. This sort of knowledge is compulsory to our understanding of what to do, and why we need to do it, and should be aired every evening on TV until it sinks in.

Councillor Robert Mitchell, Braintree District Council, member of the Essex Partnership for Climate Change

Daniel is a hugely knowledgeable, engaging and inspirational speaker on his subject area and I was left with a strong desire to continue with my investigation into this area with support from Daniel’s business, Splendid Engineering

Tom Muirhead, Managing Partner, Town integrated creative agency.

You can book Daniel to speak at your event via Speakerpedia.