We support clients on two broad levels: strategic and operational .

Our strategic support is based on using the Transition Engineering discipline co-developed by Daniel Kenning to enable organisations to plot a course in a desirable direction into the future. This package includes the “Integrated Transition Innovation Management and Engineering” or INTIME process.

Our operational support comprises using existing “sustainability” tools to do more than they were designed for, to support and contribute to the strategic changes defined by the “INTIME” process: we can provide the following services but all in a “supercharged” version to deliver more than they were designed to deliver.

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Strategic Support: Integrated Transition Innovation Management and Engineering

We will help you change towards better – to give you confidence that your organisation will continue to prosper and meet core objectives despite a changing forward operating environment. From a very high level review of your business down to the nuts and bolts of proper energy assessment or travel plans.

Big steps need to be taken to ensure that your organisation will remain prosperous in a changing future. Building a team, making change over decades, avoiding external risks, remaining prosperous. You’re likely to use outside help to steer a safe passage through these changes; a skilled guide can make the Transition Innovation journey a very positive experience.

It’s vital to support and nurture the people in the team who will implement the engineering changes. Transition Innovation is built around the proven organisational development processes and the experienced facilitators working with Chris Bull Associates

Support for the Change process

We help build the team. Whether you’re a new group or you’ve worked together before, tackling change towards sustainability is a big deal. We can help you build the trust, shared vision and working relationships that enable people to work together constructively and effectively.

We create the working environment. We will help you create an intellectual environment in which the team can create and share ideas, and make sure that all their ideas fall on fertile ground.

We create the programme. We will create a programme to suit your needs, so that your work with us will lead you to a sustainable future – we will take you “towards better”.

Transition Engineering

Transition Engineering is the underlying engineering discipline that enables the adaptation of complex systems to achieve a transition from an unsustainable present to a sustainable future. Transition Innovation is the change process based on Transition Engineering, including development of the client team and the environment in which the people can achieve change.

Step 1 – the path you have been following – The Past

Step 2 – the path you are following now – The Present

Step 3 – the direction you are headed – The Future

Step 4 – creating your desirable destination – Path Break Concepts

Step 5 – creating the route to the desirable future – Back-casting

Step 6 – getting out of your rut – Trigger Events

Step 7 – the path you seek – Change Programmes

Support for the Engineering process

We enable you to address wicked problems like “staying in business long term” that have complex interdependencies, and incomplete, conflicting or changing constraints. We enable adaptation to complex interacting external factors, rather than responding only to single issues or fickle policy.

We ensure your plans are comprehensive, robust and resilient. We enable intentional and targeted Innovation; laser-guided versus scatter-gun innovation.

We provide a comprehensive Transition Innovation programme and we can also provide bite-sized services if that’s the best way for your organisation to start Transition Innovation:

  • Desk studies – energy resilience, transport resilience, eco-design etc.
  • Training – presentations,1-day CPD, in-company training, or bespoke.

Operational Support: Technical consulting

We offer technical consultancy to enable clients to comply with regulations and standards in energy and sustainability; including ESOS and ISO 50001, BREEAM and Passivhaus.

We can undertake discreet technical services for your organisation as required.

In each case the separate service will be undertaken consistent with the overarching “Transition Innovation” approach to sustainable change.

  • ESOS Energy Assessments
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems
  • BREEAM and Sustainable construction
  • Sustainability statements for planning
  • Renewable energy systems design
  • Energy Descent Action Planning
  • Sustainable Transport Strategy and Transport Planning

Royal Albert Hall

David Elliott, Chief Executive, Royal Albert Hall,

commenting on stakeholder engagement workshops led by Daniel Kenning of Splendid Engineering, on behalf of the British Safety Council:

“It was first class and I think has enabled the Hall, with the help of the British Safety Council team, to make a really good start on raising awareness and starting  the journey towards  responsible environmental behaviour”